January 12, 2015
Movement Research at the Judson Church, New York City

Choreography: Joanna Kotze in collaboration with the performers
Sound mixed live: Ryan Seaton
Performed by: Jonathan Allen, Zachary Fabri, Andria Morales, Joanna Kotze, Stuart Singer, Netta Yerushalmy
Visual elements: Jonathan Allen, Asuka Goto, Zachary Fabri

FIND YOURSELF HERE: Judson is a work-in-progress excerpt of the evening-length work, FIND YOURSELF HERE, premiering at Baryshnikov Arts Center, September 17-19, 2015. FIND YOURSELF HERE is a performance collaboration between three dancers and three visual artists investigating shared concerns in normally distinct artistic disciplines. Uniting artists of various backgrounds, this sextet highlights overlap and divergence in individual constructions of meaning and value. By collaborating with visual artists whose processes involve movement, this work reaches for connection across disciplines, inviting spectator and artist alike to deepen an understanding of physicality and the role of communication in artistic practice and performance.

Photos by David Gonsier

Video by Movement Research