FIND YOURSELF HERE: Duet - Industry City

December 7, 2013, Industry City Galleries, Brooklyn

Choreographed by Joanna Kotze
Visual Art by Jonathan Allen
Performed by Jonathan Allen and Joanna Kotze

FIND YOURSELF HERE: Duet - Industry City, a collaboration between dancer and visual artist, was part of Day Into Night, a three-hour performance event curated by Judy Hussie-Taylor from Danspace Project, in conjunction with the exhibition Come Together: Surviving Sandy. All performances responded to Hurricane Sandy, to each other, to the vast architecture of the industrial space, and to the fading light at the end of day. Featuring works choreographed by Michelle Boule, Rebecca Brooks, Rebecca Davis, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Joanna Kotze, Cori Olinghouse, and Will Rawls.

Photos by Ted Roeder, Lily Bo Shapiro and Emie Hughes

Video by Peter Richards